The Loungs – Googly Moogly/We Are The Champs

The Loungs latest single is complete gobbledygook, an apparently meaningless happy ramble. Taken from their debut album, ‘We Are The Champs’ this is however such an infectiously joyous single it means everything as the weather closes in for winter. ‘Googly Moogly’ wraps you up like the Horlicks hugger; “Googly Moogly, I love you, happiness…” An English Magic Numbers with much more to keep the ears twiching!

The song turns from the Brian Wilson, alt surf intro into a fast jingly jangle of a Googly Moogly. When Loung JTL sings above the harmonies it recalls a strange male version of 4 Long Blondes’ ‘What’s Up’… “And so I wake in the morning and I step outside, I scream from the top of my lungs, What’s goin’ on, And I say, hey hey hey hey, I say hey, what’s going on?!” What the hell is this about: “Googly Moogly is someone great! It’s the girl who you can lie in bed with all day and talk to, laugh with, look at, have a ball with, drink with. It’s a simple love song. If we were a band in the ‘50s we could have used ‘My Little Baby Doll’…but that’s just weird!”

B-side ‘Jimmy Two Shoes’ is no less conventional, sounding like The Coral in their very early days. It’s one that gets you grooving and that alone makes these special. The Loungs – St Helens best – have so much more to offer than the multitude of modern bands. The album also out this Monday – to great critical acclaim – offers more of the above allowing the inspiration to create unique, barmy ditties that may not be completely original but certainly take you on a weird and wonderful ride. By the time you’re through you’ll be ready for hibernation but there’ll be a wild smile on your face.

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