Story One - The Shadow Line
Album Review

Story One – The Shadow Line

Ok I’ve done more detective work on this one than in a feature length special of Columbo and I can categorically state that this band are not Coldplay.

Yes, I know that lead singer, Tom Evans sounds exactly like Chris Martin and all the songs sound as if they’d fit perfectly on to the next Coldplay album but it’s really not them.

And they’re not Keane either although they could be.

So now that’s all cleared up it’s safe to buy this remarkable album without feeling part of the Keaneplay bandwagon.

“The Shadow Line” contains some well put together, mature music, it could even be deemed ambitious as the opening track “Trebuchet” is in 13/8 time.

Try tapping your feet to that!

“Parting Shot” with it’s melancholy violin refrain is about as pretty as middle of the road rock is going to get.

“Russian Dolls” plays around with language in a simplistic yet profound celebration of playing with words and is musically complete.
Thedown sideis that this whole album leaves the listener feeling confused. Have you heard this before? Is this really a new band? Are you quite sure it’s not Coldplay?

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