The Dodgems - Candlewax
Album Review

The Dodgems – Candlewax

Sheffield’s own The Dodgems release their second urgent and attention demanding 2 track single ‘Candlewax’, a download only affair. Its immediate start leaves little time to adjust as the song rapidly shifts gears to ramble and venture through fleeting moments of R.E.M.s ‘It’s the End of the World…’ and Jack Penate’s entire repertoire with the confidence and energy of Twisted Charm.

The lyrics are delivered all too pacily to be fully appreciated, unlike the instrumentation that includes some sweet and subtle keys that accentuate the infrequently used backing ‘ooohs’ throughout a riotous but well composed track. ‘Come On’ follows in its own ‘not trying to be clever’ way, with a basic guitar part which is abused well and sufficiently supported by more expressive and multi layered vocals, pockets of power drumming and all in all, its all good despite mounting to nothing more than a Hives tribute track.

I can only imagine that these guys kick ass live and that they maybe need to let that kinda sound loose in the studio and stray from the polished production used here, but what do I know?!

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