Cara Cortesse - The Closest I’ve Come
Album Review

Cara Cortesse – The Closest I’ve Come

Canada’s been a hotbed for talent for a fair few years now and Cara Cortesse threatens to continue the winning streak with her whimsical stories of falling in, and more predominantly, out of love.

‘The Closest I’ve Come’ is so honest and genuine it feels like your reading a love letter that really isn’t for your eyes. Oh and there’s music in here somewhere too, mainly of the acoustic lighters-aloft balladry kind although ‘Walk The Beaten Path’ does try to out-To-My-Boy To My Boy.

The influence of bands like Rilo Kiley are obvious and her vocal tones remind of that band’s Jenny Lewis but Cortesse is also massively commercial mixing traits of solo Nancy Wilson in with The Corrs.

And she’s bloody gorgeous too, like Natasha Gregson Wagner at the end of High Fidelity. There’s no massively catchy break out track contained here but she’s got the voice, charisma and looks to potentially go a long way.

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