Charlotte Hatherley - Again
Album Review

Charlotte Hatherley – Again

The re-invention of the blistering, rough-edged Ash guitarist continues to take a brooding, reflective and low key atmosphere inducing turn. Taken from the swooning and heart gushing 2nd album ‘The Deep Blue’, this single features a worried lag. The vocals wobble over a dreamy piano element (courtesy of Rob Ellis) resulting in an earthy, meandering shove to eek out romantic regret. An acoustic version promotes the aching even further and Charlotte’s crisp, high profile and searching singing style suits this approach. Especially in the crying chorus that sends the number onto an emotive peak.

Fred Deakin remixes ‘Dawn Trader and ‘It Isn’t Over’ to complement this release. He opts for a subtle lounge touch to draw out the lyrical simplicity for the former song. For ‘It Isn’t Over’, a hollow percussive force steers the way rebounding off a tingling guitar and Charlotte lends some calming cooing to create a feeling of ease. Laying on a red carpet for her poetic reflection that promotes a never say die viewpoint. This four track parade certainly shows Charlotte in an ever glowing new light.

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