Earthona - Star and Garter
Live Review

Earthona – Star and Garter, Manchester

Some bands are chosen to headline, others have the headlining set thrust upon them; tonight Earthona fall into the latter category, having being pushed into the role of closing act by a last minute cancellation.

They do, however, take the mantle of headliner with commendable aplomb and, as the final strains of their pastoral prog-rock echo around the beams of the beautifully dingy attic room of the Star and Garter, it is only the iciest of hearts that are not touched by the tendrils of sound emanating from the four young figures up on stage. Despite the venue’s punk rock credentials, the Star and Garter having previously borne witness to the fist-in-the-air hardcore of Stretch Armstrong and the Unseen, Earthona’s celestial balladeering goes down beautifully and the quartet, despite being together for less than a year, are evidently far from phased by the occasion.

All in all, a good night and a job well done. Be sure to catch Earthona at the forthcoming Oxjam gig at Trof in Fallowfield.

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