You only live once – Interview with Remi Nicole

The undeniably attractive prowess that Remi Nicole commands has, correctly or otherwise gained her recognition for being an Oasis inspired newcomer, fully alive with the sounds of Lily Allen and The Streets, you know… street music of a particularly cocky persuasion.

What makes Ms. Nicole shine out from the rest of her mouthy generation, you might well ask.

AS: Is your head spinning from the rollercoaster ride you’ve recently been on?

RN: Yeah it’s been crazy, I’m taking it in my stride but it’s been manic.

AS: The video for Rock ‘n’ Roll looked like a lot of fun. Was it your concept?

RN: It was. The director and I sat down and worked it all out.

AS: Is there more pressure playing live with a band than there is playing solo?

RN: More solo definitely. When there’s a band you can cover any mistakes made by anyone else but, when you’re solo with just an acoustic and you mess up, there’s no hiding it.

AS: You’re very honest and open, something that’s not always rewarded or wise when under the spotlight; do you think you’ll maintain your sincerity for long?

RN: I can’t be anything else, whether it’s detrimental or not.

AS: Is supporting Amy Winehouse on tour a career high?

RN: Oh yeah definitely! It’s a massive tour, it’s gonna be great.

AS: Are you at the mercy of your ever changing moods?

RN: I’m not always happy or sad, I’m human, but I don’t think it affects my work.

AS: A trained actress turned songstress, how and why?

RN: I wasn’t getting any auditions and so I wrote some songs, thinking nobody would care about them, but they did!

AS: Who could you quite happily take down, mid-concert, with your sniper rifle/peashooter?

RN: Who could I quite happily shoot? I’m trying to think of annoying pop stars. I know they’re not together any more but I’d pea-shoot H from Steps, he’d be on my list. There’s so many to choose from though! With a peashooter I’d go round shooting everyone!

AS: What do you make of the Spice Girls reunion?

RN: I’m excited!

AS: Were you a little Spice then?

RN: Weren’t we all?

AS: What do you do when you are not making music?

RN: Not much time really. Other than watching TV, playing on the Wiii, drinking and partying…which I’ve done a lot of recently!
AS: Don’t blame you!

AS: Best song, movie or LP ever?

RN: God Only Knows by the Beach Boys and the best recent film I’ve seen is This Is England. I’ve seen it 5 times!

AS: Have you had any funny rock ‘n’ roll moments?

RN: We were at a festival this summer and we pretended to be rock ‘n’ roll stars for a while and went around smashing up tables and chairs. It was great fun until a woman claimed we nearly hit her baby! We all knew we hadn’t so we didn’t fret, but the way she went off like she did kept us giggling on our tour bus, where we went like naughty kids afterwards.

AS: What’s more pointless, celebrity, politics or other?

RN: Politics. Celebrity has more impact on everyday life.

AS: What time is bedtime?

RN: I’ve regularly been reaching 7am lately, though the last few nights have been more 2 or 3am.

AS: You cut down a bit have you?

RN: Yeah.

AS: Who would you most enjoy collaborating with, present or past?

RN: (thoughtful silence) Eve. It’s a bit random I know!

AS: Where do you go when it all gets too much?

RN: Bed… It’s the best place.

AS: Politics in music, good or bad?

RN: As long as it’s not too cheesy then yeah, if it’s subtle. ‘Where is the Love’ by Black Eyed Peas, that’s good, oh and ‘What’s Goin On’ by Marvin Gaye too.

AS: What’s your secret vice, what are you a sucker for?

RN: Hollyoaks. It’s the only thing I watch!

AS: You are honest aren’t you!

RN: I know… I’ll get shot down for that! I’m not ashamed, I like it.

AS: It’s no Sunset Beach though is it?!

RN: I couldn’t get channel 5 so I never saw that.

AS: Damn!

AS: Is it true that Oasis inspired you toward guitar?

RN: Yeah, that’s why I bought a guitar. Noel Gallagher walked past with one and I wanted one.

AS: Why did you choose guitar over all other instruments?

RN: Guitars are versatile. I took one on holiday with me. I’ve just moved onto piano, which is obviously restricted to home use, but you can carry guitars around anywhere.

Remi Nicole's forthcoming debut LP ‘My Conscience and I’ (released December 3rd) is preceded by her latest single ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ which is released on November 5th/26th (download/physical).

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