Dragonette – Galore

Initially there seems to be something sickly about the choice of songs here. It’s all candy covered pop ala No Doubt. But ‘Galore’ is certainly not without its charm. There has already been singles from the album – ‘I Get Around’ which is literally calling all Glo-Stick pixies and Techno-Goths and the altogether more catchy ‘Take it Like a Man.’

‘Galore’ is very confidently presented and is sure to increase Dragonette’s fan base by the masses so long as they manage to tour the album properly. No stone is left unturned in their mission to seek out the right ears. There are songs for boys and girl, as well as Mums and Dads. In short – it’s very easy to understand and even sweeter to swallow.

The music drifts in and out of techno pop hopping across trip-beat, indie and even classical backgrounds. With this much in their arsenal, it’s not going to be hard to decide who to look out for come the next festival season.

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