Fatboy Slim - The Greatest Hits – Remixed
Album Review

Fatboy Slim – The Greatest Hits – Remixed

This album isn’t for the faint-hearted or something that you’d put on when you’re inviting the in-laws round for the first time. Fatboy Slim has always prided himself on beats that squelch and hit you like a sledgehammer. The remixers on this have tried to stick with this successful, tried and tested method.

Ok, you are gonna get songs that are totally ripped apart and unrecognisable, this accolade goes to Darren Emerson’s ‘Sunset bird of prey’ mix. The Underworld man has completely reconstructed this song beyond it’s original state. Good work big man!

CD 1 is mainly made up of the hits and the songs that FBS is so renown for. The Chemical Brothers do ‘song for shelter’ and stamp their trance but not their usual big catchy beats on it; most disappointing from these dance pioneers.

The stand out mix on cd1 is most definitely Mike D and Ad Rock’s ‘praise you’. Those Beastie Boys have an irrepressible sound and distinct vocals and you cant fail to be hauled in by their trademark style.

CD2 has some minor highlights and Midfield General’s Disco reshuffle of ‘talking bout my baby’ is reminiscent in parts of Primal Scream’s ‘Come Together’ but with a bit more acid in tow. Other than that and Emerson’s ‘bird of prey’ the rest of CD 1 and 2 reminds me of a Pete Tong live from Ibiza set. It’s a very commercial dance CD as a whole and certainly would appeal to most clubbers who look to those 2 weeks in august in the sun whilst sipping sangria.

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