Amy Speace - Songs For Bright Street
Album Review

Amy Speace – Songs For Bright Street

This album tries to be folky for the first 5 seconds and then descends, for the remainder, into sugar coated, heard-it-a-million-times-before polished, pop nonsense. Somewhere, between Sheryl Crow and The Corrs, the music is bland and one paced. Sadly, Amy Speace’s singing also lacks character or a real identity.

Hold on a sec

Sorry, I just had to turn the music down – I was dropping off back there!

You see, I can handle any genre of music, providing it’s done well. But Amy Speace is music by numbers. As Amy herself says in the second track ‘Water Landing’, ‘It’s all been done before’.

And it has all been done before, but better. On the open market, I would value this product at around 17p, if you include the packaging.

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