Glasswerk speak to the Delays on their long awaited return to UK action

The Delays stormed the UK in 2004 with their hugely successful debut album 'Faded Seaside Glamour' and top twenty single 'Long Time Coming'. Their follow-up certainly has been, but now they are back touring in the UK, have a new EP next week and release their second album in March 2008. Glasswerk caught up with the Delays sequencer, song-writing master and brother of lead singer Greg (him with the high voice) Aaron Gilbert to ask where the hell they have been and where they're off to. They release their new EP 'Love Made Visible' on 12th November and can be bought from their official website. Click here: link

1.Hello Aaron, So where have you been?

We've been recording in the nether regions of Spain. With the astral being that is youth.

2.How much are you looking forward to getting back on the road in the UK?

So much that there is a fire in our belly. We literally can't wait!

3.Do you prefer small, intimate shows?

They've both got their merits. We are deliberately playing the smaller, more intimate ones at the moment before we begin to play the bigger ones next year. Give me a festival crowd any day of the week though!

4.Is there less pressure playing to fewer people, so you can play the new stuff without people shouting out for your hits?

Not really, we're delighted with the new stuff. Our aspirations are huge so everyone will hear them in the end.

5.Have you gone for a rockier, single-selling sound this time? What will the rest of the EP sound like?

It's not really a single, it's an EP. It's made for internet only to give the existing fans something. It will sound like sweets for the ears.

6.Which country have you most enjoyed playing and travelling in? Does the personal response of fans mean as much as big success?

Mexico was crazy. We went over to play a gig and we heard we had a big
Fanbase but wow! 7000 people came to see us at a festival, with shit Delays
t-shirts sold outside and everything!

7.Are you hoping to rebuild your success and go on to play much bigger shows? Is there a new album after the EP? What are your main ambitions for 2008?

Yeah of course. We're not interested in being obscure. Our music is huge and we want everyone to hear it. Our aspirations are global. And yes, there's a new album. I saw a copy of it on Friday, the best thing we've ever done. It’s going to be released in March. Be global etc.

8.Do you plan to play more festivals this year? Where would you most like to play? Any plans already for summer 2008?

Next year we are planning on being colourful on every festival possible. Summer Sonic would be a great festival.

9.How much have you changed since your debut?

We've all changed immeasurably as people. We've been so much, good and bad. We're a bit wiser.

10.Of all the music around who gets you going and what grabs your ears?

There are different musical influences. We always listened to Prince and Mogwai but this morning I was listening to ‘Home Coming’ by The Teenagers, which I love. I also love the SilverSun Pickups, ‘Lazy Eye’. I’m not too keen on the album but the video is beautiful.

11.What will your new stuff do to your fans heads?

It will make them smaller. It's going to smash them in. I t will create a circus inside them. I can't be responsible for the exterior, but on the interior, it will be a circus; a funfest.

The Delays are on tour now:

7 Nov 2007 19:30
Cardiff Barfly Cardiff, Southwest
8 Nov 2007 19:30
Manchester Night And Day Manchester, Northwest
9 Nov 2007 19:30
Southampton, The Joiners Southampton, South
12 Nov 2007 19:30
Birmingham Bar Academy Birmingham, Midlands
13 Nov 2007 19:30
Glasgow, King Tuts Glasgow, Scotland
15 Nov 2007 19:30
London, Hoxton Bar And Grill London, London and South East

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