Craig David - Hot Stuff
Album Review

Craig David – Hot Stuff

This song isn’t likely to get me hollering for a reee-wind.

Craig David’s ascension from the underground of the UK garage scene in its glory days seemed like a true rags to riches story, becoming an overnight sensation with real cross-over appeal, with one foot firmly in the urban market he was also accessible to the likes of Heart 106.2 and soon became a house hold name, his star status was proven with a parody on Channel 4’s cult Bo’ Selecta!

Following a second album slightly fixated with breaking America and an absence from the spotlight Craig David returns with new single Hot Stuff.

And he shouldn’t have bothered.

My main criticism is levelled at the shocking use of a David Bowie sample, reducing the classic Let’s Dance to a backing track for RnB dross that really scrapes the bottom of the barrel, its hard to even look past the barely altered sample but even when you do it only reveals what is merely a reheated run through of previous efforts What’s Your Flava and debut Fill Me in.

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