Seals New Album

With his first studio album since 2003, singer/songwriter Seal wants to rediscover the youthful energy of his self-titled debut 16 years ago reports news agency Reuters.

“My main objective on this was to go back to my roots — that's been a kind of mission statement,” Seal says “But a couple of people have misunderstood that. I didn't mean back to dance, although some people will say I did emerge from the dance scene, and that's partly true.”

Seal's first UK hit was as guest vocalist on Adamski's floor-filling crossover hit “Killer” in 1990.

“Dance music in 1988-89 was just fantastic. It just exploded,” he reflects. “Technology was a big part of that, and it was affordable. You had bands like 808 State and A Guy Called Gerald making music in their bedrooms. Then I was able to lock it in with (debut solo hit) 'Crazy'.”

For Seal, returning to his roots means “going back to the fundamentals of how I wrote, which was on the guitar, writing basic chords and relying on my voice and a sense of melody to create the song. My first and this album are probably my two best, and I'd (likely) give the edge to this one.”

The album, “System” is due out on November 12.

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