Duffy - Rockferry
Album Review

Duffy – Rockferry

After an ill-fated re-union with Brett Anderson through The Tears, Bernard Butler seems unperturbed and may have now found a new groove, as he provides the lion-share of an expansive, slow enveloping and creeping backdrop. Allowing the Ani-Di Franco, Aretha Franklin and Dusty Springfield conjoining vocals of North Wales bred, Duffy to communicate her aching poetry, full of bite and soul.

Duffy sings and writes with authority and a life weariness to rival an early Dylan and a late Leonard Cohen. This could be the start of a searching and expressive partnership.

Catch Duffy live;
5 Dec 2007 19:30 Royal Festival Hall (supporting The Magic Numbers)London

6 Dec 2007 19:30
Central Station (supporting The Magic Numbers)Wrexham

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