You say Party! We say Die! - Like I Give a Care
Album Review

You say Party! We say Die! – Like I Give a Care

Okay so these guys aren’t big on parties. The band’s admittedly impressive website says we should also start collecting supplies as the androids are among us.

Big statements, but unfortunately the music doesn’t quite match the billing.

Like I Give a Care is a big record, slung round an angry refrain of ‘Drown out the World/Turn it Out’. It’s a catchy refrain and sees dance music collide with punk. No collisions have ever been pretty – just ask someone who’s been in a few! – but that suits the tone and attitude of the band.

Ultimately though the track is just too repetitive and in your face. Having said that though this would make a nice change to the music of a band like The Young Knives.

I’m not sure the work will break new ground, but Siouxie and Patti Smith fans will find plenty to enjoy here.

If you’re not into dance or punk though, you’ll find little here to get you excited.

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