Maximo Park – Karaoke Plays

Teeside accents, Teeside references and a bundle of urban honesty performed in a slower and slightly mournful manner (for them anyway), indicates the continuing growth and accessible nature of Maximo Park. Those who left the NME Tour of 2006 early, after the Arctic Monkeys played. Missing a now renowned, funky live set from Paul Smith and company, probably aren’t feeling too smart or clever these days. Da Park continue to develop with their slower percussion driven rhythms and deep-hearted, lyrical lament;

“Oh, I waited up for you
But you didn’t come back home
Oh, I waited up for you
Couldn’t you come back home?”

Paul Smith manages to pitch his endearing and sincere cries at such a level that balances feeling and passion with clear delivery that strides alongside the coasting and winding accompaniment. This fourth single from second album ‘Our Earthly Pleasures’, will help enshrine Maximo Park as sincere indie and slight funk protagonists who can get you grooving and reflecting at the same time .

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