The Raveonettes - The Barfly
Live Review

The Raveonettes – The Barfly, Cambridge

The Barfly has just arrived in Cambridge and is already bringing the best bands to its fabulous intimate gig venue. Friday was the highlight so far as the world’s coolest lady came to town. The Raveonettes seem too big for this stage and yet they didn’t quite sell out; those here were mesmerised by the ice blonde Ravon. With an EP and two albums full of beautiful vocals, pounding bass, guitar and drums they are not short of material and they didn’t have to draw on half of their best work. It was still one of 2007’s highlights in Cambridge.

The two supports built a great atmosphere for the headliners with songs to dance your way in to Friday night. First up was a good pub band that no one will remember but they got the place going early with some honest rock songs before the much more memorable and individual Betty and the Werewolves bounded to stage. They make you dance and laugh and the all girl gang could really become something special; real rocking chicas, and much to love. Check them out. [link]

If Sune Rose Wagner weren’t a rock genius she would be a model. She can stand looking completely miserable and uninterested and still have the whole crowd staring at her, cheering while she cracks the beginnings of a smile and smashing into another old style rock number. Her hair looks almost too perfect to be real. The bright white blonde bob, chiselled face and a voice to warm even the iciest heart from here to Denmark; you know you really are the bomb. The songs more than match the appearances. Their female drummer stands up and pounds two huge drums in almost Japanese Kodo style, an intense lady. On the other side is the group’s man Sharin Foo on guitar and vocals; he does the talking while the others smoulder. The atmosphere is sizzling and they can’t help but laugh and be happy, whatever the rock and roll manual may have taught them.

Wagner sings in a whispery, floating and distinctly Scandinavian, deliberate style, which is backed by Foo’s constant duets. The groups previous album ‘Chain Gang Of Love’ was full of distortion and fuzz and any number of sub pop classics and tonight it didn’t get much better than ‘That Great Love Sound’ and ‘Remember’. The other worldly sound and unwavering beat of the set takes you to another place; you drift off into the music only to be awoken by a soaring guitar or a wall of noise. This may be all of sameness but the songs hold so many perfect lyrical and instrumental moments you are never sick and tired of them. So the new songs aren’t a massive departure from the old, but they are clearer and however good the old songs sounded with feedback it’s a nice break to hear some clarity. The night’s highlight ‘Blush’ from new one ‘Lust, Lust, Lust’ is something special, Foo’s vocal is joined by Wagner (don’t those surnames just bleed rock ‘n’ roll?) before Foo’s guitar takes over with high almost synth like euphoria. ‘Lush’ from the same record is similarly brilliant, just slower and lower. We all know their influences and how strong they impact, but this band is as groundbreaking and talented as any other; maybe the next record will take them to another place, a faster pace? But who wants that. This here, this is perfect.

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