Ben's Brother - Carry On
Album Review

Ben’s Brother – Carry On

London five-piece outfit Ben’s Brother are off to a flyer with ‘Carry On’ their debut single.

Taken from the forthcoming album ‘Beta Male Fairytales’ the track has enjoyed extensive airplay on Radio 2 and the act have appeared on This Morning with Fern and Phil.

Lead singer Jamie Hartman’s voice bears a passing resemblance to Rod Stewart’s on a song that the vintage rocker would be proud to have in his back catalogue.

The lyric comes straight from the experience of profound heartbreak but not in a trite or twee manner.

The listener is urged to keep going even: “when your hope has been denied you / I will walk beside you, carry on.”

When this song hits the right audience (of which this journalist is one) there are guaranteed tears.

The lyrics make sense and the crescendo of guitar and vocals ensure that there is not a dry eye in the house.

A simply stunning debut from Ben’s Brother.

Carry On

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