Who loves you Amy Whitenose?

Tabloids have snapped a shot at the singer with what appears to be a white powder in her right nostril. Although there hasn’t been any reasonable explanation for the picture, it’s still more material for reporters to highlight the artists scandalous behavior.

The singer recently amazed crowds in Glasgow, Newcastle and Blackpool with return to form show-stopping live performances. However, the papers have been hinting that she may still be using narcotics.

The whole situation seems like a tug of war between the artist and press…with this picture not putting any odds in her favor. It was taken outside of the Empress Ballroom at Blackpool with a young fan, also sporting the vocalists trademark ‘Beehive Barnet’. The close up of the singer reveals a suspicious white shade inside her nostril.

Perhaps if she keeps this up she should consider the title “Amy Whitenose”

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