The Dead Class – sneak peak at the new album

In direct sunlight, the reflection of the modern day consumerist society illuminates fast food junkies, ten second attention spans and the fiery britpop tweet irish drawl of The Dead Class.

What was I saying again? Oh yeah, have been lucky enough to get hold of and entrusted with a studio mix of Villy and co.s new album, which we understand will be titled 'It'll damn near kill yer'. Still in the making with no final tracklist decided, the CD landed at our desk in demo style paper wallet and marker pen scrall.

The first listening revealed (to no surprise) the unique diversity The Dead Class are known for in rural parts of Punkorama. Sliding down a bumpy banister from sickly sweet catchy lyrics to a hard as nails punk's boot up the arse. It's got all the Doc Martens and the Dead Kennedy's Chemical Warfare appeal that debut album BOO inspired us with but something else has crept in now; an evolution of song writing that sees standout tracks like Bitesize and Billy Blue Bottle as instant highlights on first listening.

If you compressed Pink Floyd, Pixies, The Jam, Blur and NOmeansno into a blender, left it on, and plugged headphones in, it would sound like The Dead Class.

It's something akin to that feeling when you're lying in bed at 3am and you got the shakes bad, clinking after a heavy night on the tiles, the Charlie, or too many coffees in one day. It's mad mad music to make the teeth grind and the eyes roll in the sockets.

Because of this it's important you own something this wild in your CD collection.

We're sure the album artwork will be just as eye-cathing as the littery squint-a-thon the BOO cover was and bands like The Dead Class are still reliant on CD sales to pay for the petroleum gas so why wait for 'It'll damn near kill yer' to come out? Look at the website (below) and see when they're playing live.

Official website: link

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