The Rascals – Out Of Dreams e.p

Labels just keep churning out pointless nothing bands trying to capture some more of the renaissance Liverpool enjoyed with the La’s, Cast and then The Coral and suitors the Zutons. The list really does just drag on and on. There is a strange crossover to Sheffield with Deltasonic’s latest offering The Rascals. You can’t listen to their ‘Out Of Dreams’ EP and not be hit by the Arctic Monkeys alike vocal and ‘Your Favourite Worst Nightmare’ deep bass guitar and pounding electric.

Glasswerk broke the news that Alex Turner was rehearsing and playing small gigs with these boys before the Monkeys were back on the road. They are now out on their own – supporting the Arctics and touring away from their King Monkey. What the hell is the point of this Scouse band copying to the note with lyrics so forgettable; ‘Ratcatcher’ is nothing but a poor scally’s ‘Teddy Picker’. Arctic fever hit Sheffield with the very good but never Turner special Milburn, the Harrisons and the horrible Little Man Tate. Of course you can make a lot of money from tribute bands. Around the country you can pay twelve quid to see The Food Fighters when eight will get you in to The Raveonettes or six to Jeffrey Lewis. It spells out in big fat pound signs that the UK aren’t looking for innovative music but rather worthless identikit bands. The Arctic Monkeys did something with meaning. The Wombats, Sonic Hearts and the Rascals; they’re as artificial as a boy band; at least tributes admit what they are.

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