New Young Pony Club - Carling Academy
Live Review

New Young Pony Club – Carling Academy, Liverpool

In the vast air con environment biosphere of the Carling Academy One, an amazing gig hall, The Delta Fiasco are pumping into the crowd an onslaught of synth driven electro beats from their decreasingly obscure catalogue of songs.

Releasing an invisible retro love potion from their aura machines commonly known as drums, guitars and keyboards, it’s a refreshing breeze in the tepid waters of modern electronic music. Their newish single Paperhouses in particular is electric. More give us more, we cried! Alas we are but your support for tonight, they replied. [link]

Earlier in the night thoroughly enjoyed a performance from Soft Toy Emergency and their bubblegum electro pop. Upbeat and packed full of energy, sassy front woman Jenny Davies is an iconic figure and a real attention grabber. From their days as Quincy, the band with the addition of Lucci on keys and apple mac, this must be like discovering the forth dimension. The band are clearly excited to be back and a have a heavy line up of gigs over Christmas. [link]

New Young Pony Club follow as tonight’s headliners much to the excitement of their fans who have come here tonight to watch them play. The more critical are questioning are NYPC riding the crest of the (nu) wave?

Their theatrical lead singer, Tahita Bulmer swans round the stage with an angular strut which although hard to imagine is like Tina Turner doing Flashdance, all knees and fists. The raw cut of the band and genuine ‘liveness’ is surprising and it is pleasing to see a band play the songs rather than songs play the band.

In a fantastic venue like this, as opposed to the tent we last saw NYPC play in, they sound just great and highlights of the set included the catchy sing-along ‘Hiding On The Staircase’, the illustrious ‘Ice Cream’. The two covers they dropped in Take me I’m yours, (The Bomb b-side originally by Squeeze) and the bygone-era house classic ‘Pump up the Jam’ by Technotronic, had the crowd raving like it was 1989.

Those surprised at the non sell out on the opening night of Liverpool Music Week would quickly realize it wasn’t rammed out because everybody had bought tickets for Pendulum on Saturday.

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