St.Vincent – Jesus Saves, I Spend

Initially allured by the cover of ‘These Days’, I just had to hear what St. Vincent (SV)had to offer and so, with my expectations prepared for disappointment I ventured onward.
‘Jesus saves, I spend’ is simply fantastic. It’s like the Bagpuss mice have gone into song-writing and attracted the attention of Folk Implosion who liked their wares so much that they got in touch with Mary Lorson (Madder Rose’s vocalist) to front the freaky outfit. All hail SV! But wait, there’s more.
It’s a common fact that if you can cover a great song that’s been formerly performed by someone far from mainstream, then you‘re pretty safe in thinking you can pull it off without a hint of worry. The Jackson Browne penned ‘These Days’ as performed by (lovelylovelylovely) Nico is, as any Nico track might be, such an opportune song. Straying from that strong Germanic vocal to bring a more ear friendly sound is safe, surely?
SV disappointingly yet pleasingly emulates the track, as opposed to personalising it, delivering an equally charming and timid vocal when perhaps a more emotive and yearning effort would’ve been far more gratifying for all. Stabbing strings and twinkly guitar remain to uphold the quirky number and together, both tracks on this CD make for essential listening. SV LP (out now) where are you, I want you, I need you?!

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