Hot Club De Paris confirm Festivus MMVII performance's answer to the post-Christmas blues is the finest cheery three-day indoor festival held in the Barfly, Liverpool.

The line up is almost complete and the latest addition of Hot Club de Paris makes this year even more festive and exciting.

The lads currnetly back and forth between Chicago where they have been recording their next album and home town of Liverpool were glad to join the huge line up of local and national acts to play the year out at's final event of 2007.

This should mark a celebration for what has been an amazing year for, but there will be more of that later.

The Maybes? have also confirmed an appearance at Festivus MMVII, which takes its name form the hit US comedy Seinfeld. Now lasting three days. will take over the Barfly's three stages on each day to bring you choice and a wide selection of live music.

Fro full details and line up news click here: link

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