Led Zeppelin reunion gig

Last night saw the biggest rock concert in a long time as Led Zeppelin reunited in honour of late Atlantic Records co-founder Ahmet Ertegun.

It been twenty years and Jimmy Page is 65 so did Led Zeppelin still have what it takes to rock out?

Most reports say yes, they did, but if you like Glasswerk.co.uk were only privy to the thirty second footage of Black Dog the BBC were showing, you might think too that it didn't sound too great. Robert Plant in particular.

This is no time to be cynical about such amazing things. You can read a report from someone who was actually at the show here: link
Please however, lets keep ideas of UK tours to a minimum. As a one off this was a great talking point and we're sure an enjoyable night for all, but don't spoil memories of one of rock'n'roll's greats.

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