Restlesslist: Adventures in Lo-fi… and interview space!

Restlesslist are a Brighton based trio comprising of Matt Thwaites (Electric Soft Parade),Ben Elliot and Tom White (Electric Soft Parade, Brakes, Zettasaur).

Whilst touring with Battles, Mystery Jets, Misty’s Big Adventure, Electric Soft Parade and Brakes to name but a few, they've gained a loyal fan-base by creating their guitar, keyboard, sample and broken beat borne collages.

They kindly took time out to answer some questions…

AS: When you take aim with your peashooter/pellet gun/sniper rifle, you’re aiming at?
R: Mark Ronson: the jive-bunny of the ‘noughties’ who would use the phrase 'noughties' too.

AS: Where do you go when it all gets too much?
R: Coral Island: a hard left from the island of Na Boo Boo.

AS: Who would be your dream collaborator?
R: Mick Jones, Joe Meek or Lee Scratch Perry.

AS: What’s the last gig/concert you went to?
R: Richard Hawley.

AS: What’s the best music video?
R: ‘Turn Back Time’ by Cher… the one where she sits on the big gun!

AS: If you were a musical instrument what would you be?
R: Kazoo.

AS: Do you believe in love at first sight?
R: Lust/Love at first sight.

AS: Where do you draw your inspiration from?
R: We draw our inspiration from Brighton and the mystical creatures of Coral Island.

AS: Will your past come back to haunt you?
R: Always.

AS: Where do you most enjoy playing live?
R: Wherever the vibe is.

AS: Why? What's your biggest why question and has mystified you the longest?'
R: Why unicorns won't admit they exist.

AS: Who is most influential on your sound?
R: Us.

AS: Where do you sit in the grand scheme of things?
R: Back of the bus.

AS: Why the name?
R: Our inability to sleep matched with the ability to ponder useless facts.

AS: Any choice epitaphs, famous last words or something you’d like to be remembered for?
R: Restlesslist: Part-time lovers, full time dreamers.

AS: What makes you better than everyone else?
R: We're not; we're just better than Mark Ronson.

AS: When do you plan to take over the world?
R: A week Tuesday.

AS: Are you all agreed/in control of the formats for your releases?
R: We'd like to think so.

AS: Did you have any heroes when you were a teenager?
R: Too many to mention.

AS: What do you think of the paparazzi?
R: Swings and cul-de-sacs.

AS: What are you listening to right now?
R: ‘Franks Wild Years’ by Tom Waits.

AS: Any message to any underachieving or odds facing musician out there?
R: Do it yourself, don't go to BIMM to learn it.

AS: Any career highs or lows you care to share?
R: Being invited to play at Canadian Music Week and SXSW.

AS: Do you enjoy playing live or are you more at home in a studio?
R: Again, swings and cul-de-sacs.

AS: Your career defining dream moment would be what?
R: Being Timbalands mixing desk.

AS: Any upcoming music / bands worth keeping an eye on that are destined for greatness?
R: Restlesslist, Zettasuar and Foxes!

AS: How important do you feel visuals are in relation to music?
R: If the music warrants it, do it. Don't cover up boring music by giving people something to look at.

AS: What was the highlight of your summer?
R: Don't do summer – burns us up.

AS: I’m sure you’ve done a few but, do you know which has been your best ever gig?
R: The Hope in Brighton 01/08 was amazing. The Exeter Cavern… people danced and The Loop Festival last summer.

AS: What will this year bring?
R: Bit more of what we have now.

AS: Are you unlucky in love?
R: Always.

AS: Best song, movie or LP ever?
R: Ben – Buffalo 66 is my favourite film… the red boots. Matt – Annie.

AS: Where did you sleep last night?
R: At home.

AS: What’s your secret vice, what are you a sucker for?
R: Matt – The Feeling. Ben – Pointy red boots.

AS: What makes the world go round?
R: Love.

AS: Where’s the place to be?
R: Coral Island.

AS: What’s your weak point?
R: Matt – Misanthropic. Ben – Too trusting in people.

AS: What’s your favourite instrument?
R: Matt – Glassophone. Ben – The ground beneath my winkle pickers.

AS: What inspired the LP title (‘Dirty Pint’)?
R: The Curtain Club was Brighton’s first gay bar in the 70s… Ben's mum used to go there. It’s now called Alicats and Matt used to work there a couple of years ago. The LP is sort of our soundtrack to Brighton life… and it made quite a funny pun too.

AS: Are you a good dancer?
R: Always, aren't you?

AS: What kinds of music do you dislike the most?
R: Whiney-boy 'indie' on a major label.

AS: When will the world end?
R: 20th December 2012.

AS: Who is the main driving force or do you work as a team?
R: As a Team – more places for it to go.

AS: How important are the charts?
R: See you there!

AS: What revival would you most like to witness?
R: A Jurassic revival.

AS: What era would you have been born in ideally?
R: Dickensian.

AS: Are exercise and diet important?
R: To some people.

AS: If you could save 1 thing in the world, what would it be?
R: Good souls.

AS: Who’s the most gifted person alive today?
R: Tom Waits…when he's drinking.

AS: Does complaining accomplish anything?
R: No – we're British, but come on.

AS: Have you goy anybody’s autograph?
R: Ben – Eugene Hutz and Sylvester McCoy. Matty – Kris Akabusi and Peter Shilton.

AS: Which fictional character would you most like to be?
R: Fantastic Mr. Fox.

AS: Which rules, the digital age or the vinyl/cassette age?
R: Any age where a proper album can exist.

AS: If a musical style was to become extinct, which would go first i.e. jazz, folk…?
R: Folk off!

AS: Do you have any unused band names you’d love to use?
R: Sexy Kids, Playground Patter and maybe Crescent of Crisps.

AS: Was growing up and becoming who you are today easy?
R: Uphill struggle.

AS: Have you ever been conned into or out of something?
R: Restlesslist!

AS: Do politics have a place in music?
R: Bo – NO!

AS: Thanks for your time guys, enjoy 2008!!!

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