Tokyo Police Club - Tessellate
Album Review

Tokyo Police Club – Tessellate

A monumental full throttle charge of epic proportions. Clocking in at just over two minutes it’s long enough to confirm Tokyo Police Club’s status as being one of the most exciting young bands around and short enough to leave you gasping for more and wishing there had been a b-side to accompany the press release, if only so I would stop having to get up every other minute to press the play button again.

Hypnotic drumming leads the way, with a simple yet effective keyboard harmony to accompany. But it’s the vocals that really make the song shine. From the opening lyric, ‘all the boys who call their mothers on that day’ to the chorus onslaught of ‘broken hearts tessellate tonight’ the spell binding vocals seem to be one step ahead and lead the way, conducting and carrying the song through to its closure in an effortlessly cool Julian Casablancas-esque manner.

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