Flykkiller - Shine Out Shine Out
Album Review

Flykkiller – Shine Out Shine Out

A rather perverse little tune.

Shine Out Shine Out dances and spins with rapturous glory, a multi-layered electro/rock hybrid that suckers you in until you reach that chorus that sounds worryingly a little bit like a Berlinda Carlisle Song. Chorus aside, this really drives itself along with an energy and pumping drumline that should have you yearning for the weekend, sticky dancefloors and hands in the air.

A spit and polish is evident when juxtaposed with the jagged original that features on the b-side, sounding filthier, dirtier and a lot rougher and nowhere near as big beat as the a-side, both have a very real charm to them though and its hard to discern which version comes out on top.

Remix wise, of the two included here, the Edison remix is barely worth a mention, whereas the Novelist remix strips away the vocal and a lot of the layered on bombast before refitting it with a techy, fidgety beat to appeal to those that prefer their electro and dance a little more minimal.

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