Iron Maiden – Somewhere Back In Time The Best Of: 1980-1989

If you had to choose a back catalogue, certainly within rock and metal-there can be none finer than Iron Maiden’s. Consistently producing great, seminal albums since the 80’s, with second to none live recordings and the ability to endlessly generate riff after riff after riff.

It could be argued that they have plunged the depths of their materials, with seemingly endless re-issues; but with an output still in high gear and a regular touring schedule, the irons are simply doing what they have always done-give the fans what they want.

There are numerous ‘Best of’ collections maiden fans can choose from, but they cover-as well they should- the entire career, where ‘Somewhere back in time’ differs is that it covers the first decade.

Arguably their most acclaimed era, it certainly produced some of the most iconic albums of all time-the genre defining ‘Number of the beast’, ‘Killers’ and the often criminally overlooked ‘Power slave’.

There are obviously no bad tracks here, and the decision process as to which ones wouldn’t make it must have been excruciating-thankfully they have chose well.

Most bands are lucky to have one song in there career the size and weight of the ones gathered here, but maiden follow one classic with another; ‘Two minutes to midnight’ flows into ’The trooper’ then ‘Wrathchild’, leave the c.d on random, your not going to have to skip anything.

The ultimate intention for this collection is as tour guide to the upcoming world tour excursion and as the perfect introduction to a band that yet another generation of musicians and fans of heavy music will be experiencing.

The only way this collection could be more complete is for you to don your jean jacket, grab a cardboard guitar, get drunk and scream ‘Run to the hills’ till your voice is hoarse.

Mark Cooper.

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