Royal Treatment Plant - Get Played
Album Review

Royal Treatment Plant – Get Played

Female vocalists fronting punk bands often sound clichéd and easy to reference, not here though, ‘Royal Treatment Plant’ sound enigmatic and cathartic, with strong and determined vocals that will whip you up into a frenzy and assault all your senses.

The sound is an interesting mix of brooding, energetic chaos that never ventures too far away from its pop laden beauty. Quite simply it’s compelling listening that given the chance is sure to grab anyone hook, line and sinker. ‘Get Played’ is a moody ‘punky’ affair with a rumbling bass line that drives the song forward, not a million miles away from Elastica at their best but shaken up with a little bit of ‘The Hives’ for good measure. The b-side ‘Hearts and minds’ demonstrates a more tender side and it’s clear that as well has having the energy and drive that will appeal to fans of the ‘Yeah Yeah Yeahs’, they’ve also got a softer side that demands you give them the attention they deserve.

What strikes you is their refreshing garage punk sound that has got attitude and is vivacious but nonetheless still has the ability to carve out a sense of melody. With a winning formula such as this expect to be hearing a lot more from this group in the coming months

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