Bloco Electro – Global Beatbox Part 1

I am completely under qualified to even begin reviewing this experimental collection of global inflected dance music, my grasp of world music is far from extensive, I am hardly well travelled, but I do know what I like.

And I definitely like this.

Global beatbox is an album that takes diversity to a whole other level, fusing typical 4/4 beats, electro, chilled house, Josh Wink styled acid glitches and any other number of identifiable dance staples and throwing them into a culturally rich melting pot that would leave even M.I.A salivating.

Its humble beginnings can be traced back to a wholly un-exotic recording studio in Reading but this foundation is built upon with a creative use of traditional Indian percussion as well as recordings made in Cuba, The Gambia and Ghana.

This compilation could have easily have found its ideas becoming muddied with so many elements thrown together yet the end result never seems to be over-reaching, it has been fashioned with attention to detail to create an album of world music that is contemporary and innovative and is equally deserving of a place alongside commercial dance music.

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