Kids In Glass Houses - Manchester Academy 3
Live Review

Kids In Glass Houses – Manchester Academy 3

With no explanation it seemed the line up was one band less, Go:Audio had been pulled (or cancelled, no-one really knew) which meant waiting around for an hour after doors opened until any action started in the academy. It was a great chance to get in some beers but such a mood killer!

However that bad mood very quickly diminished when Valencia took the stage, after many cancelled tours in the UK, their first time here sure seemed a success. Although at first it was difficult to distinguish between songs, the sound soon got sorted and the extremely young crowd seemed to enjoy it, going by the sweat dripping off them during the set change.

The stiflingly hot academy was to next participate in possibly the most incredible sing-along session I’ve seen for a band so… small in such a long time. I know Kids In Glass Houses are getting airplay and they’re big on the scene but even the unreleased album tracks had a minority of the crowd singing along word for word. It was truly incredible, it gave me goosebumps by the time they came to play their released songs like “Easy Tiger”, “Raise Hell” and unsurprisingly “Give Me What I Want”. With a cheeky cover of “Town Called Malice” they had the crowd going, the band were enjoying it and even the sound guy was having a little dance!

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