The Futureheads – This Is Not The World

The Futureheads open their third album, This Is Not The World, with Top 20 single The Beginning of The Twist. Fans of that fast-paced, toe-tapping track will be happy to hear it’s followed by a further 11 tracks of very similar material. Focused, tight and compelling, it lacks the variation present in their previous two albums and is not as raw or edgy, but this is by no means a criticism and is more a comment on the consistency of their sound and energy. Highlights include Hard to Bear, a positive break-up song (i.e. it sucks but you’ll get over it) and Work Is Never Done, a belter of a tune that sees us all “drowning in a world of good advice”. Broke Up The Time will appeal to those who think protesting is signing up to a facebook group.

Third albums are supposed to be tricky & with This Is Not The World the Futureheads have played to their strengths. This album will undoubtedly be popular but fans of the Futureheads’ first ventures may well find the radio-friendly nature of every track a little difficult to swallow.

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