Power Lords - Lords Of The String
Album Review

Power Lords – Lords Of The String

You can’t help but pray that this single is a parody when you first hear it, or at least the ironic piss-take of summer 2008. Yes “Lords Of The String” is that bad. With a pounding beat and vocals that could have been plucked right out of the 90s you cringe from start to finish and yet find yourself being strangely entertained by this ode to Speedo.

It is hard not to laugh when they sing ‘Dance In Your Bling ‘Cos We’re Lords Of The String, Shake To Our Swing ‘Cos We’re Lords Of The Bling!’ in their best Euro-accents, not to mention “Pull Down Your String!!”. You will even chuckle quietly at the notion of The Power Lords releasing on Big In Ukraine records.

The music itself is really irrelevant, it is pure summer dance which does it’s job and let’s face it that’s all that’s really necessary. However, those without a sense of humour should avoid at all costs. Why don’t you get entertainment like this on Eurovision?

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