So Who Is Editing This Site?

A bit pessimistic of me but I cant help notice that in the last few weeks several venues have had to close and quite a few small, but established, festivals have cancelled. Quite a sad state of affairs really as its never nice to see things go wrong from a business point of view but is it representative of the industry at the moment, with too much pressure being exerted on the live side of things to make up for the collapse of the recording industry. This is far too in depth for a light hearted editorial so I will continue in a blog article later…

.. so need something light hearted and funny for now. I heard a mother call her 5 year old son ‘Lad’ on a bus the other day. Probably only funny if you live in Liverpool that though. I have finally gotten into ‘Gavin and Stacey’ – its my Dads fault, he made me watch it. And does anyone else find themselves having dirty thoughts about Nessa? Just me then…

Anyway, Leanne the site editor, assistant editor, deputy editor, sub editor, admin editor is on holiday. We haven’t quite ground to a halt but I am feeling a little bit clueless as to what we are featuring while I write this so I have to do a bit of research…

…. Back! Ok we are featuring The Thirst as our Seven Day Spotlight band. Think Bloc Party but punked up and you may get what they are. Featured tours are Out From Animals, Mark Morriss, The Hussy’s with a couple of special mentions to Paul Newsome (ex Proud Mary) and Deaf Havana. Later this month we also have Saving Aimee in the North West and The Pioneers in Liverpool plus Voodoo Six and The Tunics in London. Good stuff.

Reading-wise bands of the moment Hadouken!, Tokyo Police Club, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, and Kids in Glass Houses grace our home page with live reviews. While the heavily pushed Pidgeon Detectives, the lovely Guillemots, the fancied Cazals and ,bizzarely – how did this get in, the Sex In The City Soundtrack (ahh Leanne has covered it – that explains it) are glorified in the CD reviews.

So.. enjoy! A bientot (sp?)


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