Yeah Yeah Yeahs Show Little Of Record Three's Bones

The world's best female fronted rock band the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have been dropping strange, fuzzy hints about album three.

The new blog posted on their website tells us that a mixture of ranch + kitten = a “frisky and fierce little beauty” of a record and not a Korean dinner “cooking in the kitchen”.

Trying to match the utter brilliance of debut Fever To Tell and the difficult but rocking follow-up Show Your Bones YYYs have travelled to a rural ranch in the southwest – “on our journey for the next sound” – where “there has been plenty of spacing out in the studio”.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs are pictured showing us that is exactly what has been going on; as mad as hatters.

An abandoned kitten named Squeaker has been the inspiration and therapy driving the record forward. Let's all hope they drop another Maps in to the mix.

You better read all about it here: link so we can all remain in a state of blissful ignorance.

Go figure cats.

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