Jupiter One - Platform Moon
Album Review

Jupiter One – Platform Moon

Gazing disco meets thoughtful pop with a mid-tempo chaperone as expansive New Yorkers, Jupiter One use their lightening up of the lingering intro’s of The Music to build up into a hazy, ‘Life During Wartime’ era Talking Heads reflecting sound.

‘Platform Moon’ sets to display a broadening out of the typical East Coast sound. This single immediately precedes the self-titled debut album and, of the four tracks on display here, it’s the five minute plus ‘Album Version’ that draws out an ambient and thoughtful edge.

Subtle, more percussion leaning tendencies means that a ‘Mark Saunders Remix Edit’, oozes energy and distorts the vocals a little for increased atmosphere. An appreciation of 80s British pop will help the palatability of the rising quartet on this side of the Atlantic.

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