Back From the Edge

You could be forgiven for thinking nothing much happened in the past month.

As you well know, loyal readers, mainstream music press focuses on the Wino in Winehouse and there is more interest in Big Brother than in world affairs, but that's not our cup of tea.

No, music is. And not since the great music drought of 1794 (no such thing – ed) has there been 'a quiet month' in music.

Here in the Glasswerk office we still receive more CDs than we can possibly listen to. Our featured, talented and head-hunted editor Ms. Leanne Durr (pictured) trawls through pile after pile, umming and ahhhing before sending them out to our fantastic team of roving, finger on pulse writers.

Leanne is doing amazing work behind the scenes holding the Glasswerk media network together but if you have sent CDs and heard nothing back then the best thing to do is email and phone the office, and constantly harrass the staff to play your record here.

We're currently listening to 'Apocalypso' The Presets technicolour party-fuelled album, the new single from Glasvegas 'Geraldine', Tricky's superstar new single on Domino records and the mini-album from Kickbox Riot, 'Seeing Ghosts' which is keeping everyone happy happy happy.

Some classics from Le tigre, the Breeders and Roots Manuva are knocking about also. A big tasty music sandwich indeed!

All this whilst kindling an ever-burning love and passion for all the music Glasswerk is promoting across the country. A feast of live music proportions, a peachy selection of what's to come is below.

Remember readers: Vote Leanne into the Big Brother next year so she can trash it up filthy-Glasswerk style.

Upcoming shows:

Voodoo Six – link
The Northern Lights – link
Saving Aimee – link

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