Jamie Lidell – Another Day

From the beginning of this track, with its bird songs and hand claps, you know it will be difficult not to be taken in by its summer vibe.

Taken from Jamie Lidell’s album, ‘Jim’, ‘Another Day’, serves as a much appreciated ‘pick me up’ to those not looking on the brighter side of life. Motown-inspired, almost seeming a little over the top at times, the belting soul voice of Jamie Lidell and the cheery gospel backing singers will do wonders for those with frozen shoulders; by the end you will be freely bobbing them up and down, as if you’ve just realised that life really isn’t that bad.

It is almost impossible not to be reassured by Lidell’s vocal delivery, and you flutter with the idea that if he asked you to cheer up, you would do it, no questions asked.

This track serves as a good old-fashioned lesson in communicating with others, with lyrics such as ‘I used to scream when whispering would do’ and ‘now I’m letting silence do the talking’. A little contrived, maybe, and although the vocals are undeniably strong, you begin to realise that it is the backing arrangements that really make this track. But that’s a minor grumble, for it is really is difficult not to feel more animated after just one listen. And surely that cannot be such a bad thing?

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