Attic Lights: Shining bright and talking… to Glasswerk.

The likes of The Scotsman, The Culture Show, BBC Radio Scotland and XFM Scotland have marked Attic Lights (AL) as one of the bands to watch for ’08.

So, what do they have to say for themselves?

AS: When you take aim with your peashooter/pellet gun/sniper rifle, you're aiming at?
AL: Myself in the mirror.

AS: Where do you go when it all gets too much?
AL: My favourite place on earth: My cousins farm in Ireland.

AS: Is bedtime more half nine with a half read paper or more half four with fully red eyes?
AL: Depends actually. I veer from very respectable to a bit maniacal depending on what I'm doing and who I'm hanging out with.

AS: What do you do in your recreational time?
AL: Don't have much these days but when I get a spare moment I'll usually sit and read 2000AD.

AS: Who would be your dream collaborator?
AL: Attic Lights.

AS: What’s the last gig you went to?
AL: Jens Lekman in Glasgow’s Oran Mor. Tremendous.

AS: If you were a musical instrument what would you be?
AL: A Korg synthesiser.

AS: Do you believe in love at first sight?
AL: Sort of. Not sure. I guess it's possible. Probably not actually, I guess I believe in 'love at first thought.'

AS: Where do you draw your inspiration from?
AL: Anything artistic in life that excites me. I'm a bit of a musical whore who loves everything.

AS: Any regrets, missed opportunities or things that might've been?
AL: Nah. Forget the past. Keep on pushing forward. Although, as Ferris Bueller once said, 'Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you might miss it.'

AS: Were/are you aware of your escalating popularity?
AL: Not really. I'm from Glasgow so have I’ve a built in inferiority complex that dictates I'm useless and will amount to nothing in life.

AS: Will your past come back to haunt you?
AL: I hope so.

AS: Where do you most enjoy playing live?
AL: Glasgow and Spain.

AS: Why? What's your biggest why question and has mystified you the longest?
AL: I'm more of a 'what ' person. What does it all mean?

AS: Who is most influential on your sound?
AL: The last record I listened to.

AS: Where do you sit in the grand scheme of things?
AL: Slightly to the left.

AS: Why the name?
AL: I once read a book in Primary school about a bunch of Vikings who named their long ship 'Nameless.' It sunk. So names are a good idea.

AS: Whose the most likely to go solo or crazy?
AL: Colin James McArdle.

AS: Any choice epitaphs, famous last words or something you'd like to be remembered for?
AL: Here lies Kev' Sherry. Fuck it!

AS: What makes you better than everyone else?
AL: Nothing.

AS: When do you plan to take over the world?
AL: As soon as possible.

AS: What changes can we expect to notice with this outing?
AL: Nothing. I will inevitably become as corrupt as our current leaders.

AS: Are you all agreed/in control of the formats for your releases?
AL: Indeed we are.

AS: Wish you were doing anything else with your time other than music?
AL: Nah… Maybe writing a book or making a movie.

AS: Did you have any heroes when you were a teenager?
AL: Was never the kind of guy that put posters on his walls.

AS: What do you think of the paparazzi?
AL: Those guys are just trying to make a living. It's the folks that buy the papers that are the real idiots.

AS: What are you listening to right now?
AL: ‘Astral Weeks’ by Van Morrison.

AS: Any message to any underachieving or odds facing musician out there?
AL: Work like a bastard and don't think of anything else!

AS: Do you enjoy playing live or are you more at home in a studio?
AL: I like both in different ways.

AS: Your career defining dream moment would be what?
AL: It's yet to come.

AS: Any upcoming music / bands worth keeping an eye on that are destined for greatness?
AL: Isosceles from Glasgow are gonna be huge.

AS: How important do you feel visuals are in relation to music?
AL: Very. It's all part of the same big art project.

AS: What was the highlight of your summer?
AL: The sun!

AS: I'm sure you've done a few but, do you know which has been your best ever gig?
AL: I'm hoping it's still to come

AS: What will this year bring?
AL: Unparalleled success hopefully.

AS: Is there more pressure playing live with a band than there is playing solo?
AL: No point of comparison.

AS: Are you unlucky in love?
AL: Usually.

AS: Best song, movie or LP ever?
AL: Song – ‘Unfinished Sympathy’ by Massive Attack. The movie would be ‘Show Me Love’ and the album…’16 Lovers Lane’ by The Go-Betweens.

AS: Where did you sleep last night?
AL: In my own bed for once.

AS: What's your secret vice, what are you a sucker for?
AL: Comics and frat boy comedy movies.

AS: What makes the world go round?
AL: Love.

AS: Where's the place to be?
AL: Right here, right now, watching the world wake up from history.

AS: What's your weak point?
AL: Stubbornness.

AS: Who is the main driving force or do you work as a team?
AL: We are a team of interesting individuals.

AS: How important are the charts?
AL: Not really.

AS: What revival would you most like to witness?
AL: Dinosaurs.

AS: What era would you have been born in ideally?
AL: This one.

AS: Are exercise and diet important?
AL: Very.

AS: Which fictional character would you most like to be?
AL: Nikolai Dante – The gentleman thief, rogue and adventurer.

AS: Was growing up and becoming who you are today easy?
AL: It never is.

AS: Do politics have a place in music?
AL: Absolutely. Life is politics.

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