System Of A Down No Longer Top Priority For Daron Malakian

Brand spanking new rock ‘n’ roll band Scars On Broadway have finally touched down in the UK. Daron and John discussed the prospects for their new project and what it means for their old mates System of A Down with Radio 1’s Newsbeat:

“Basically I write songs, and I need for there to be a home for these songs. And the way I look at it is, System Of A Down may or may not get back together so I'm not sitting there waiting on System. This is my band right now, I don't really put any thought into System when I'm doing Scars.”

To read the full interview check out the BBC link here: link.

The band will play the Camden Underworld on July 4th with debut album ‘Scars on Broadway’ and single ‘They Say’ following soon after.

Check out all the information for Scars On Broadway at their official Blogspot here: link

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