Mystery Jets – Two Doors Down

The Mystery Jets are really gonna take off this summer. Previous releases have gained them an impressive almost alternative fan base but not quite managed to knock any big guns off their platforms, but already the airplay of Two Doors Down has been quite something and could possibly have the ability to make the crossover from underdogs to top dogs.

Maybe it’s the feel good, summers coming sentiment that the opening bars and charming lyrics omit or maybe it’s the Echo and the Bunnymen characteristics and slightly eighties sensation? Whatever, this is one of those records that is so irritatingly catchy you’ll find yourself humming it in the shower until you get so annoyed you want to cut your own throat.

I’ll be honest, The Mystery Jets haven’t really caught my attention all that much until now and that’s without taking much notice of their image, listening to this single gave me an instant idea where these guys were coming from and a good idea of what they looked like. From the outset I was in two minds as to whether I’d heard this before twenty years ago and could it be a cover version of a song that needed the added spark of The Mystery Jets to make it audible? It contains all the elements of a typical 1980 something unconventional pop hit. The Mystery Jets have that evocative retro element to all of their music; lyrics are simple but quirky making them all the more genius. Musically this five piece are as together as love birds, on a track like this, timing and fluency is the key and you can clearly hear the compatibility with gentle but precise drumming and riffs.

A band that have so much to offer and haven’t enough songs to fit it all into, ‘Two doors down’ feels as though they’re bursting at the seams.

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