Inside The Fire - Indestructible
Album Review

Inside The Fire – Indestructible

Disturbed frontman David Draiman has an unusual and distinct voice and if you’ve heard any one of his songs before then you’re quite likely to recognise him. First single off their new album ‘Indestructible’ is no different and although there’s a determined attempt to perturb you so to speak with the chilling lyrics and tale of Draiman’s girlfriend’s suicide, the overall effect isn’t as troubling as they’d like. Disturbed have managed to successfully put together a whole package of slightly harder rock/alternative metal but keeping a mainstream sound with fluent rhythms and foot tapping melodies. Four albums on they should be promising something a little more turbulent and less predictable.

Its possible that subconsciously ‘Down with the sickness’ from their first album set a precedent that cannot be continued, and for me there are far too many bands sitting on the fence rather than trying to jump high over it. I expected something far stronger from ‘Inside the fire’ and really hope that the rest of the album rocks a little harder. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad song and to date Disturbed honestly haven’t made a bad one, true fans wont knock it down because it sticks to the same winning formula but to attract the new I’d suggest starting over and getting a copy of ‘The Sickness’ for a true taste of ‘Disturbed’.

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