Bonnie Prince Billy – Lie Down In The Night

Until now I’ve escaped the clutches of Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s (BPB) far reaching appeal… until now you say? ‘Lie Down in the Light’ is the latest LP length offering from this creature of seemingly unfathomable strangeness. And please don’t get me wrong for I am one of the few remaining guardians of strange who tries on a daily basis to defy such horrors as those that are found inherently with social obligation and the ‘need’ for banal normality.

So just what is it that has and I hate to report, still does repel me from these admittedly charming, charismatic sounds that have ventured not so far from the sonic tree of familiarity? And please don’t fret all you faithful fans out there who’re surely thinking “Screw you and your rambling Ant, are we gonna like the album or not?” for yes, I’m sure he’s hit the mark once more.

I adore (Jeffrey and) Jack Lewis & the Cuttoffs, The Magic Numbers, like Akron Family are okay and I can’t go a week without listening to Phosphorescents’ ‘Pride’ LP, so what’s to bitch about on an LP that falls into the above equation like a biscuit crumb into a breadbin? Why aren’t I e-raving and e-ranting at you all as I perhaps should be, given the evidence that surely suggests (albeit to the contrary) that this is right up my alley?

In a nutshell…I have no idea and after giving it a listen two further times, like a deer with no eyes or legs I’ve still no idea. Making an off the cuff guess I’m gonna tag the songwriting as a source of discontentment with which I perhaps somewhat subconsciously wrestle. However, should I be made to choose then the title track would be a favourite with ‘For Every Field There’s Mole’ coming a close second and that’s all I got for you guys.

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