Indoor Fireworks - Demo
Album Review

Indoor Fireworks – Demo

Some of the best things are discovered by accident, be it the apple falling on Newton or a curious caveman rubbing two sticks together to create fire, Indoor Fireworks inception was also one of chance rather than careful planning. Formed to fulfil a favour for a mate’s 21st birthday bash, the young quartet soon realised something pretty special had been created. Now harbouring such inventive indie stomps, the East Durham lads are ready to make a similar unprecedented spark.

Their demo is an invigorating cocktail, laced with positivity and pulsating melodies, which adopts a fresh take on the all too dreary trials and tribulations of modern life. Opener ‘One Track Mind’ instantly embeds itself in your head, a hefty chorus delicately spread over delicious verses makes the right impact. ‘History’ is the real glistening gem of the demo, perfect radio-fodder it begs to be heard by the masses. While ‘Bruises’ and ‘Bang On The Drum’ confirm Indoor Fireworks are perennial architects of the perfect indie number.

Indoor Fireworks put on an explosive display that is sure to launch their profile to bigger and brighter horizons.

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