Dirty Weekend Tell Us About Their Glastonbury Adventure

Stockton's indie rabble Dirty Weekend have just returned from a career defining set at the legendary Glastonbury Festival. Lead singer Dan was kind enough to slip glasswerk a quick insight into the whole experience.

Glasswerk – How did you feel going down to the festival? were you nervous, excited?

Dan – “We've all been excited for months now. It's like looking forward to Christmas but with mud instead of snow and Jay Z instead of Santa!”

Glasswerk – When did it really hit you that you were going to play glasto?

Dan – “When we were lugging our gear through the fields! it wasn't feasible to take our camper van to the stage so we had to carry our own equipment!!”

Glasswerk – How did your set go?

Dan – “Set was ok, I decided I would drink as much scrumpy and smoke as many malboros as I could get my hands on in the 3 days prior to the gig so I ended up sounding like a female Rod Stewart.”

Glasswerk – Did you bump into any of your idols or watch them from afar?

Dan- “We met that singer with the wierd hair out of Franz Ferdinand and a lifesize cut out of Bruce Forsyth, do they count???”

Glasswerk – Do you see it as a massive landmark in your band's career?

“It's certainly the biggest festival we'll ever play at, so in that respect it was but we wont be happy until we've headlined the pyramid stage!”

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