Glasvegas – Geraldine

Bounding in under the the strain of hype (‘next best band’, anyone?), Glasvegas seem to be adapting well.

‘Geraldine’ is near on three and a half minutes of booming bass, rumbling drums and passionate vocals. James Allen’s Glaswegian burr could be Glasvegas’ ticket to fulfilling said hype, offering both heartbreak and hope at the same time.

The track, about a woman who gave up her career as a social worker to follow the band, is interesting in itself, but it is the lyrics that make this track stand above a number of others released this year. Ending with Allen’s cry of ‘I’ll be the angel on your shoulder, my name is Geraldine, I’m your social worker’, it is easy to be taken in by the overall sound.

It would be a hard-hearted person to suggest this track isn’t good; it is. The jury’s still out as to whether this is the future of music though, or if it’s so groundbreaking that the hubbub of hyperbole will continue, but right here, right now, this is pretty damn good.

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