Black Kids – Partie Traumatic

The debut album by this Florida five-piece has been eagerly awaited (mostly by me) and has completely surpassed all expectations. Black Kids are one of the most exciting new bands around.

Partie Traumatic-produced by Bernard Butler- has perfect harmonies and catchy tunes. If this album doesn’t have you dancing around the room singing into your hairbrush nothing will. The songs encapsulate love, longing and a general feel good vibe. There’s not a slow or sad feeling song on there, at a push ‘I’m Making Eyes At You ‘ is probably one of the slower songs but even that’s a toe tapper when it gets going.

The album is full of great lyrics from ‘I’m Making Eyes At You’ – “please don’t speak, you’ll kill the mystique” to ‘Hit The Heartbrakes’ – when Reggie sings how he doesn’t want to meet his love interests parents, brother or even their dog, because he ‘just can’t be bothered’. Black Kids are a charming band that combine great songs with lyrics that are real to life which makes it easy to relate to the songs, yet there’s alot of dry humour there- which is a winning combination. Black Kids are what The Smiths would have sounded like if they had been happy- go-lucky and American, especially on the track ‘I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You’.

All in all there isn’t a bad song on this debut album, stand out tracks would be Hit The Heartbrakes, Hurrican Jane and I’ve Underestimated My Charm (Again). Although it really is hard to choose a favourite as each song brings something unique to the album. If you’re not already a huge fan of this band you’re missing out so pop to the shops ( do it the old fashioned way) and get a copy. Partie Traumatic is as close to perfect as you can get in an album.

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