My Chemical Romance – The Black Parade Is Dead

Still cashing in on the black parade is My Chemical Romance with their latest offering of a collectible version of a live recording of them in Mexico City. It comes complete with a DVD of their performance in Hoboken.

OK I know some people are insanely in love with these guys, but why on Earth why? It’s quite clear to see they have some fans; are they all in Mexico though? And do they only know the lyrics to ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’? Sounds like it.

This album just doesn’t work, die-hard fans may beg to differ but it’s just wrong. It doesn’t sound anything special and the crowd’s screaming doesn’t transfer well onto the audio.

The only good thing about this album is the artwork, and it is obvious from this that My Chemical Romance adore their fans, well where would they be without them?

Maybe it’s just time to put The Black Parade to bed now and move on.

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