Innercity Pirates – Cockney Sparra

“Cockney Sparra” is the new laid-back summery single from Innercity Pirates. Not content to stick to one genre they have previously been rockers and funk punksters. This incarnation, complete with a new keyboard player, is more sweetly than those gone before and certainly fits in with the current trend set by Los Campesinos! and Alphabeat amongst others.

“Cockney Sparra” is perhaps most notable for it’s “do-do d do-do d do-do d doooo-doooo” chorus which will rattle around in your head for hours after hearing it and also the lead singer asking you to kiss his dusty binlid. Hmmm.

The B side track “You Can Have It” is a fairly standard filler track in a similar vein to “Cockney Sparra” and “Compani-animals” is a sweetly-sick acoustic track “You are my chocolate spread, I’m your toasted bread”, well, you get the idea. It’ll be interesting to see if they stick with this style for their album or if they draw more on the other styles they’ve played around with.

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